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Spaceship Landing on Earth


We are you...

We aim to create a Mobile Metaverse beyond any other. Simply reach in your pocket and become a Land Lord, Faction/Clan/Gang Leader, Store owner, Property developer, licensed merchant/producer and more.. All for REAL MONEY.

We aim to spend 10% of all Profit to BURN Shib Token to .01

We Aim to use 10% of our Profits to create "Homeless to Hacking" an innovative programming to house and teach homeless how to program front/back end as well as Networking, IT support. We believe in teaching those who want to fish - not putting them in endless loops for private profit(If you've been homeless.. you know it's a racket.)

10% of profits will go towards restoring natural Rain Forests in an effort to create the "Soimbiosis Reserve" where parties will actively learn about Soil culture, Earth restoration, sustainable living/products and food gardening best practices. All food grown will go towards adding more acreage/forest/providing food pantries with organic food sources.

10% of profits will go towards holding Shib until AT LEAST .01.... or beyond..

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