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Hard at Work

We've been hard at work finishing up 30 + Characters, 12+ Cars, A multitude of weapons and other assets for the coming launch! Here's to answer a few questions until then.

NFTS: NFTs will be implemented roughly a month after launch. All players that own an 'NFT To Be" Item will need to create an ERC-20 Wallet for the reception of the NFT and hook it up with the app. They will be tradeable to other players etc.

NEW CARS: We plan on adding at least two custom cars a month.

CUSTOM CHARACTERS: We plan on adding at least 4 custom characters a month, not including NPC Bosses (around one a month with special abillites etc>)

CLANS: Clans will get there own map for their clan members to build on. It will be raidable by other plans, parties and solo players. Risk it for the biscuit.

PROPERTY: Real Estate is implemented and will be available at launch.

3% of all future player to player sales goes towards the Game Development, charity projects I.e "Hacking to Homeless" a program designed to house and teach homeless valuable front/back end programming, IT support, Networking and more (10% o all PROFITS goes towards this regardless.)

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